Angolan writer José Eduardo Agualusa

Librarians have decided to give a literary prize to a writer who now wants to us the money to build a library at one of the places he lives. The Angolan writer José Eduardo Agualusa has been awarded the International Dublin Literary Award. The money that travels with the Award is €100,000. This is a … Continue reading Angolan writer José Eduardo Agualusa


Where do I start with a review on this book ? There is this nuclear family. Father, mother and young son. Owen (47 years), Miriam (37 years) and Martin (primary school age). He is an international negotiator, from Irish descent, and working for the government of the United States and for the United Nations. She … Continue reading INTO THE NEVERNIGHT

‘Exhilarating’ Man Booker International shortlist spans the world

The Man Booker Prize is one of the most important literary prizes you can find on this globe we are living upon. The Nobel Prize is even more famous, but the Nobel Prize has a minor hiccup, there is no shortlist. Man Booker has one ! For this years there are 6 writers and books … Continue reading ‘Exhilarating’ Man Booker International shortlist spans the world

de-concentration, decentralisation

In many countries on the continent we see an accumulation of political and financial power in a small center in the capital city. In this book we see a ten year history of de-concentration and decentralisation. I do not know how the situation is at the present in Angola. When I think about the situation … Continue reading de-concentration, decentralisation


This is the second book by José Eduardo Agualusa that I have read. I remember from the previous book that I found it very confusing and I thought it was due to the irregular attention I paid to the book. Now that I have read this second book I understand that confusion is part of … Continue reading O VENDEDOR DE PASSADOS