In my mind David Livingstone is a Scotsman who travelled to the southern parts of Africa, did missionary work, started travelling and writing, sought possibilities for commerce and missionary work. Henry Morton Stanley went to look for him, I presume. After Livingstone’s death he was carried by a few of his most faithful followers to … Continue reading review LIVINGSTONE

Lopito Feijó releases book in Portugal

The Angolan writer Lopito Feijó is about to launch another publication. By training a man of laws, he has also become a man of words written on pages and collected and bundled in a book. His latest book is titled Experimentais Poépicos. The launch will not take place in Angola, but in northern Portugal.

Angolan writer participates in Brazilian anthology

There is a close connection between Lusophone countries in Africa and Brasil. Cultural exchanges between these countries take place. In Brasil  an anthology will be published including writers from different African countries. One of these writers is Helena Dias from Angola. In this article you will find more information. 

Ondjaki captures the humour and heartache of life in his hometown, Luanda

Most of the posts on this blog come from South Africa, Nigeria and Kenya. Three countries with a large pond of writing talent. Angola, with its Portuguese language background, is less at the forefront (at least for me). In this article you will find an interview with the Angolan writer Ondjaki (or his real name … Continue reading Ondjaki captures the humour and heartache of life in his hometown, Luanda

Angolan writer José Eduardo Agualusa

Librarians have decided to give a literary prize to a writer who now wants to us the money to build a library at one of the places he lives. The Angolan writer José Eduardo Agualusa has been awarded the International Dublin Literary Award. The money that travels with the Award is €100,000. This is a … Continue reading Angolan writer José Eduardo Agualusa


Where do I start with a review on this book ? There is this nuclear family. Father, mother and young son. Owen (47 years), Miriam (37 years) and Martin (primary school age). He is an international negotiator, from Irish descent, and working for the government of the United States and for the United Nations. She … Continue reading INTO THE NEVERNIGHT