Wildlife in African countries is declining. We see it while it happens. What are some of the causes? Growth of population. Increasing urban areas. Exploding infrastructure. Unstable political systems. And the world of hunters and poachers and the traders behind it. The South African writer Michael du Preez brings us into the world of hunters … Continue reading Review of JUSTICE OF THE WILD


The elephant population is declining, despite effort on the continent to stem the tide. Many resources are being pulled to fight against the poachers and the big business behind them.  In this book, written for young people, we get a look into the world of elephants and the world of poaching and the tourism trade.   … Continue reading Review of ELEPHANT GOLD


Susanne Hart was a vet who was based in Nairobi, Kenya, and who worked in different parts of the country. She was trained in London, United Kingdom, and got her first experience in South Africa where she settled with her first husband.  After the breakup of her marriage she continued working in South Africa where … Continue reading LIFE WITH DAKTARI


These are the days that a tomtom is a navigationsystem in your car. In the olden days a tomtom was a kind of drum. The times have changed. Indeed the times have changed since Attilio Gatti wrote his books, based on his extensive travels in Africa. Gatti (1896 – 1969) hailed from Italy and he … Continue reading TOM-TOMS IN THE NIGHT / BLACK MIST


Jane Goodall, the Chimp Lady from Tanzania, wrote this book together with Marc Bekoff, a North American ethologist. Bekoff came up with ten trusts human part of nature has to deal with in their life in the midst of nature. Basic to their approach is that man is an animal. They approach animals on the … Continue reading review THE TEN TRUSTS

review BORN WILD

When at a young age he saw “Tarzan of the Apes” the longing in his life was born. A longing for Africa. He was born in 1945 in London, England. Twenty-three years later he boarded a ship to South Africa. He takes up a job as busdriver. Buth the south is not the end, he … Continue reading review BORN WILD