Pushkin’s pride: how the Russian literary giant paid tribute to his African ancestry

This is an amazing story.

The famous Russian writer Alexander Pushkin, considered to be one of the greatest writers in history, had a African Ancestor. His name is Ibrahim Petrovich Gannibal. It is thought that he was born in Cameroon in the year 1696. When this Gannibal was a child he was kidnapped and taken to Constantinopel (the present day Istanbul). In those days this city was the capital of the Ottoman Empire. From that town he was taken to Russia and brought to the emperor Peter the Great. He was brought to this emperor by one of the ancestors of another literary great Tolstoi. In the end he became a general-in-chief . He became the ancestor of the literary giant Pushkin.

You can read more about these developments in this article.

Pushkin’s great-grandfather Abram Petrovich Gannibal.

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