Who has ever heard of the dodo?

In The Netherlands this extinct bird was made famous by the writer Boudewijn Büch (or was it the other way around?).

The dodo is an extinct bird that lived at the island of mauritius and the small island around it. And what about all the other special animals on these isolated islands? And how long will it take before all these animals will have disappeared as well?

Dureel runs a small zoo at one of the Channell Islands and he came into action to catch a few of these animals and birds to let them live in a protected environment. The natural habitat of these animals was no longer a safe habitat. 

In this book you will find an account of his journey and his attempt to save some of these  animals, his encounters with people and wildlife at these beautiful islands. 

It is an entertaining book by Durrell, who has written more books about wildlife. 

Gerald Durrell – Golden bats and pink pigeons – 1980


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