egypt to ‘purge and confiscate’

The people at the Egyptian ministry of religious endowment show a great interest in libraries. They are not looking for books to be awarded. They will be looking for books to be banned. The target is the mosque. The mosque as a hotbed of violence and extremism. People from the Ministry will search all mosque libraries and scrutinize all books. 

At the same time all new books have to be given the approval by the Ministry. All books have to fit “with Islam’s tolerance”. I imagine long discussions at the Ministry about what exactly constitutes the Islam, the next step will be the meaning of tolerance, exercised by the Islam. The following discussion will that be on the tolerance exercised by the Ministry?  

To be banned?
To be banned?

First they will come for the books, next they will come for the writers and publishers.


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I enjoy reading about Africa. New books. Old books. By African writers. By non-African writers. Novel. History. Travel. Biographies. Autobiographies. Politics. Colonialism. Poetry.

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